• Some of the Archfiend Cards are chess themed, including the six monsters (each with a different Attribute and each featuring a chessboard backround, all of whom are based on a chesspiece.
    • Shadowknight Archfiend is based on the Knight, this is illustrated by the chestplate he wears; bearing the skull of a horse and he has horse-like legs.
  • This is the Archfiend version of "Susa Soldier", with similar stats and effect. Most likely changed from "Pandemonium" corrupting it.
  • Except for 100 DEF and different attribute, this card is statistically identical to Terrorking Archfiend.
  • The shield and sword on this card are the same as Vilepawn Archfiend, but with different color.
  • This card's high attack and low level may refer to the Knight being the only chess piece allowed to jump over other pieces.

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