• This card's name is the same as a weapon system in the mecha series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Which is the 00 Gundam Seven Swords use in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 V manga. "Gundam Seven Swords" was also the development code name of 00 Gundam's predecessor, the Gundam Exia from Season 1 of the anime.
    • Also, this card's image is similar to 00 Gundam, but with gold color, though the shoulder-mounted shields are similar to the Wing Binders mounted on 00 Raiser, an upgraded version of the 00 Gundam.
  • This card carries seven swords/bladed weapons from the swords in his hands, the tonfa like blades on his hips, the blade shoulder guards, and the sword on his back.
  • This card has the same ATK, Level, and Attribute as "Power Tool Dragon". Their effects are also similar: this card destroys cards using Equip Cards, while "Power Tool Dragon" protects itself using Equip Cards.
  • This card seem to be an antithesis to "Dark Highlander".
    • Dark Highlander belongs to Jack Atlas while Yusei owns this card, who are both rivals.
    • They're both Level 7 Synchro Monsters.
    • They both use Equip Cards to inflict damages to their opponents.
      • Dark Highlander is against Equip Cards while this card supports them.
    • Dark Highlander's ATK/DEF are both 500 greater than this card.
    • Dark Highlander requires its Synchro Materials to be only Fiend-Type while this card doesn't.
    • They both can destroy their respective face-up targets.
  • There are seven slashes on this card artwork are due to the seven swords.
  • This card may be a Synchro counterpart to "Sword Hunter". Their effects both deal with equipped cards and "Sword Hunter" has 7 swords in the card artwork.
  • This card's Level could be a reference to the number of swords as the number of stars equals the number of swords the monster has.

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