• This card's Japanese name contains "Demon" 「デーモン」, which makes it an "Archfiend" monster. If ever released, its name will likely be changed to reflect this.
  • In the Japanese anime, it has 666 ATK and 666 DEF. It was changed to 1000 in the dubbed versions, because 666 is referred to as the "Number of the Devil" in the Bible.
  • This is the first monster in the whole series to have an original ATK and DEF that doesn't end with "0".
  • This card was used by Alexander the Great during the Capsule Monsters arc. Each of this monster's arms contained a special ability:
    • The Arm of Skulls allowed it to summon an army of "Skull Knight 2".
    • The Arm of Regeneration allowed it to revive any monster in its army.
    • The Arm of Entrapment allowed to grab and hold any opponent, no matter the distance.
    • The Arm of Defense allowed it to erect an impenetrable barrier.
    • The Arm of Destruction allowed it to unleash a massive fireball, its most powerful ability.
    • The Arm of Clairvoyance allowed it to read the opponent's thoughts.
    • Its remaining arms appeared to lack an ability, just simply swiping at enemies.

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