• This card is based on the Eye of Wdjat mark borne on the heads of a few characters within the first anime series, most notably that Yami Yugi (Atem).
    • The man with the said mark on his head also bears a striking resemblance to Strings, who at one point bore this mark when he was under Marik Ishtar's influence.
  • "千里眼" senrigan is the ability to see very very far. It literally means "thousand-mile eye".
    • 千里眼 (Qiānlǐyǎn) is also the name of a mythical character appears in several Chinese folkloric tales, who was said to be able to see very very far. He is usually depicted in media as a deity at the Jade Emperor's service, and accompanied with 順風耳 (Shùnfēng'ěr "ear that can hear through the floating wind").

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