• Betelgeuse and Rigel are the two brightest star of the Orion constellation. While the first represents a red supergiant star nearing the end of its life, Rigel can be seen as a blue one.
    • In the "tellarknight" archetype, "Rigel" and "Betelgeuse" are the only monsters to share the same constellation.
    • The dualism of the stars is also conserved through the cards :
      • Their ATK and DEF points are interchanged.
      • Their effect is complentary : Rigel targets a card on a field, and send it to the graveyard. In contrast, Betelgeuse send itself to the GY, to add a card to your hand.
      • They both represent Orion, the Hunter, in a different position.
      • Betelgeuse wield his sword from the left hand ; while Rigel from the right one.
      • They both were a cape, but the foreground color of the emblem is opposed (blue for Rigel, red for Betelgeuse).
      • The slightly constrast in the color of their wavy hair might be a reference to Betelgeuse's end of life, older than Rigel.
      • Their background color, retaken from the star herself, are complementary.

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