• "Deneb" wields the Caduceus, a staff of laurel or olive tree topped with two wings and surrounded with two interlaced snakes. This staff is used to cure snake bites.
  • By linking the common points, "Satellarknight Deneb" might be perceived as an effigy of Iris.
    • Indeed, Iris is considered as the goddess of Rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is represented under the figure of a graceful young girl, with brilliant wings of all the gathered colors. The combined colors of the rainbow is white, a symbol of purity.
    • As Iris, "Deneb" is a young maiden, with graceful wings. They both wear the Caduceus, and the effect of "Deneb" can be perceived as that of a messenger too. The representation of the Swan constellation is an another sign of her purity, grace and loyalty.
    • Another reason for why Deneb is represented by a bird is because in the story "The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd", Deneb is the magpies that form the bridge that allow the lovers Vega and Altair to meet once every summer.
    • Last but not least, the Caduceus was mentionned in the Irminsul, a sacred tree.