• "Deneb" wields the Caduceus, a staff of laurel or olive tree topped with two wings and surrounded with two interlaced snakes. This staff is used to cure snake bites.
  • By linking the common points, "Satellarknight Deneb" might be perceived as an effigy of Iris.
    • Indeed, Iris is considered as the goddess of Rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is represented under the figure of a graceful young girl, with brilliant wings of all the gathered colors. The combined colors of the rainbow is white, a symbol of purity.
    • As Iris, "Deneb" is a young maiden, with graceful wings. They both wear the Caduceus, and the effect of "Deneb" can be perceived as that of a messenger too. The representation of the Swan constellation is an another sign of her purity, grace and loyalty.
    • Last but not least, the Caduceus was mentionned in the Irminsul, a sacred tree.

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