• The name of this card is derived from any position on screen in the video game genre of Shoot em' ups (shmups, to which the "Gradius" series of games belongs) at which the player character is safe from all forms of attack. The card's artwork references a safe spot that the boss Crystal Core has, in which the player can fly in between the warship's tentacles. This causes the boss to infinitely loop between moving up and down slightly, allowing the player ship to slip between its lasers without fear of being hit.
  • Contrary to this card's effect, being in the safe spot on any Gradius game is the best way for the ships to attack the cores directly.
  • The space ship depicted being in the "Safe Zone" is Victory Viper, however, it is not "Victory Viper XX03" because it has a back fin and guns at the ends of the wings, as "Victory Viper XX03" has neither. Rather, the ship shown is Gradius, the original Victory Viper from the Gradius video game series by Konami.