• "Gishki Avance", "Gishki Emilia" and "Steelswarm Roach" appear in this card's artwork.
    • This card depicts the conclusion of the Duel Terminal storyline since the Duel Terminal Master Guide states that "Avance" and "Emilia" were two of the survivors of the war.
  • In the artwork of "Advance Zone", it is suggested that "Steelswarm Roach" was purified by the Vylons. This can be further proven by his idle and laid-back appearance in this card's artwork as the "Divine Serpent" passes by.
    • After the Duel Terminal storyline ended, "Steelswarm Roach" became "Evilswarm Exciton Knight"(Ironic, given both "Steelswarm Roach's" change of heart and how the other "Evilswarms" were infected "Lswarms").

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