• This card is the opposite counterpart of "Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica".
    • This is befitting, due to Pilica's and Wen's (the monster this card's based from) name in Ainu language means "good" and "evil", respectively.
    • Just like "Pilica", this card's artwork representing the artwork of "Ritual Beast Ulti-" instead of "Ritual Beast Tamer", and the "Zefra" wings this monster had is attached to "Pettlephin" instead of "Wen".
  • The "Zefrawendi" in this card's name is taken from "El Shaddoll Wendigo", losing its "go" part but still retains its "di" part, possibly referencing that despite "Wen" is released from the Shaddoll's possession, she's still not completely restored to her normal self.
    • This is referenced by her clothing (most notably her long sleeves), which resembles more of her possessed self rather than the original.
  • This card's the only "Ritual Beast" card that doesn't have any effects that directly interacts with other "Ritual Beasts".

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