• This card's effect is very similar to that of "Ritual Beast Tamer Lara" (with additional way to trigger the effect along with a drawback as well).
  • Oddly, this card's artwork strongly representing that of "Ritual Beast Ulti-" monster's artwork, rather than "Ritual Beast Tamers" themselves.
    • If you look closely, the "Zefra" wings are actually attached to "Rampengu" instead of "Pilica".
  • This card is the opposing counterpart of "Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi"
    • This is befitting, as Pilica's and Wen's name in Ainu language means "good" and "evil", respectively.
  • The "Zeframpilica" in this card's name (in both OCG and TCG) are taken of from "Zefra" + "Ram" + "Pilica"

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