• This card has the lowest Level, ATK and DEF of any Ritual Monster.
  • In several Yu-Gi-Oh! games, this monster's Eye of Anubis is red, when on the card it is yellow/gold. This happen in the anime as well.
  • There is a misprinted Italian version of "Relinquished" called "Abbbandono". This card's real Italian name is "Abbandono".
  • Until its release in Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World, this card's lore did not state how to Summon it, in both the TCG and the OCG. The main reason is most likely the insufficient amount of space left to introduce the standard specification for a Ritual Summon.
  • The hilt of "Sword of Dark Rites" is based on this monster's appearance. This is fitting, since "Sacrifice" (the Japanese translated name of "Relinquished") is a part of that card's translated Japanese name: "Sacrifice Sword".
  • The artwork of this card is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 70: "The Sacrifice!", specifically from the panel showing this monster being Ritual Summoned.

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