• This monster is based upon the painting The Great Red Dragon by William Blake. Also, "Stardust Dragon" is based upon "the Woman Clothed in the Sun" (also featured in the painting), which happens to be surrounded by stars and opposing the demon in the painting, much like how "Stardust" is surrounded by stars and opposes the "Red Dragon Archfiend" in effect and posture.
  • This monster appears to be the antithesis of "Stardust Dragon". Their poses mirror each other and have opposite color schemes. Also, their effects oppose each other as well. "Stardust" focuses on protecting monsters from being destroyed, while this card's effect focuses on destroying opposing monsters.
    • It is also interesting to note that if both monsters are on the same side field and for some reason "Stardust Dragon" does not attack, their rivalry arises at the End Phase, when their owner must choose to either destroy "Stardust Dragon" with this card's effect or negate this card's effect with "Stardust Dragon".
  • This card ("Red Daemon's Dragon") bears a similar OCG name to "B. Skull Dragon" (Black Daemon's Dragon). Both monsters are also demon-themed with horns.
  • This card has the highest ATK of all Signer Dragons.
  • This card along with "Black-Winged Dragon" are the only Signer Dragons that have any relation to a specific archetype.
    • They are also the only two Signer Dragons to have their names changed in the TCG.
  • This monster attack is called "Absolute Powerforce" in the Japanese dub, and may (or not) be inspired on Mobile Fighter G Gundam Neo Japan Fighter Domon Kasshu's signature attack (Shining Finger (while on Shinning Gundam) or Exploding God Finger (while on God Gundam), as both of them are pretty much the same, a powerful melee attack consisting of a blast of energy from the hand while opened. This is further implied because the effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode" is called "Crimson THE END", which destroy all other monsters after it attacked; while the Exploding God Finger has a second part called "Heat END", which makes the enemy Gundam explode while it is in the grasp of the God Finger; this may be just a coincidence though.

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