• "Argent" means "made of or relating to silver", referring to the silver structure at the centre of this card's artwork.
    • "Argent" is also the tincture of silver in heraldry.
  • This card is said to have been created by science in the anime, as well as being the trump card of humanity.
    • Since the Barian and Astral Force cards exist to be used by denizens residing in the energy worlds, then this card is to be used by the Human World.
  • This card's activation puts enormous strain on its users; as Quinton, Trey, and Quattro's faces contorted in pain when activating this card. However, it is not clear whether it is this card that is actually responsible for the drain on its wielder, or the fact that it summons a powerful Number C. The crests of the Vetrix Family have been shown to cause pain when they are unable to properly control a Number, and Shark Drake Veiss's influence was so powerful that it even overwrote the protection of the Emperor's Key, the only Number able to do so.
  • This card appears in the artwork of "Return Rank-Up".
    • This card's second effect is based on the fact that it has been re-used at least once in every Duel it has been used in.

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