• This card's artwork features a Barian Emblem and seven stars forming the Big Dipper, in reference to the Seven Barian Emperors, whose names are corrupted forms of the stars in the aforementioned constellation.
    • Coincidentally, this was also the seventh card shown in the anime that was capable of Rank-Up (though only the sixth "Rank-Up-Magic" card).
  • This is the first "Rank-Up-Magic" card to feature kanji in its Japanese name, rather than a phonetic rendering of English in katakana.
    • The kanji in this card's name is read as "Swords of the Seven Emperors".
  • This is the first "Rank-Up-Magic" card that does not have "Force" in its name.
  • This is the only "Rank-Up-Magic" card to have a hyphen in its English name, contrasting with the fact that the Japanese names of each "Rank-Up-Magic" card all have hyphens.
  • This card's effect that requires it to be activated right after the normal draw is a reference to Chaos Draw.

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