• In the anime, it is shown to be very large, easily dwarfing other monsters.
  • Its Field Clearing effect is partly similar to that of "Rainbow Dragon", but it only returns the opponent's cards from the field to the owner's Deck.
  • This card, like "Dragon Master Knight", are both LIGHT Fusion Monsters and have Fusion Materials as a rival character's Special Summon-only Dragon monster plus the main character's strongest non-Effect Warrior monster.
  • Much like "Neos Wiseman" symbolizes Jaden Yuki's bond with Yubel, this card may symbolize his friendship with Jesse Anderson. Therefore this card is called 'Protector of Bonds'.
    • However, ironically enough, Jesse himself never saw this card being used, as in all the times this card was used, Jesse was either absent or unconscious.
  • This card's effect is similar to that of the "Timelord" monsters used by Z-one.

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