• It appears that "Alchemist of Black Spells" is using "Type Zero Magic Crusher" to power a device ("Quick Booster" itself) on which he is trying to repair a used Spell Counter, but is afraid of triggering "Type Zero Magic Crusher" and destroying the lot.
    • It is quite possible that the Spell Counter represents the Quick-Play Spell Card that he wants to recover from the Graveyard, which was previously used for the effect of "Type Zero Magic Crusher".
  • This card art seems to show a sequence of events with "That Wacky Alchemy!" and "That Wacky Magic!":
    1. In "That Wacky Alchemy!", "Alchemist of Black Spells" aggressively casts a destruction effect in response to a rival's Spell Card use (represented as the Spell Counter), while "Magicat" and "Magidog" panic at the damage that Spell Card has done.
    2. In "Quick Booster", "Alchemist of Black Spells" seeks to repair the damage done to his own power from the loss of a Spell Card (again, represented as a Spell Counter) through the risky action of powering his device with "Type Zero Magic Crusher" and suffering pain if he makes a mistake.
    3. In "That Wacky Magic!", "Tempest Magician", in a desperate act, reuses spent Spell Cards (shown as Spell Counters) to fuel an explosive attack, while "Magicat" and "Magidog" watch in horror at the pain it is causing "Tempest Magician" to cast this spell.

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