• This card's name is based on the tarot card The Devil, the fifteenth of the Major Arcana.
    • This card's Japanese name comes from the French name for the "The Devil" tarot card, Le Diable.
  • This card was the first TCG Exclusive "Prophecy" monster.
    • This card does not follow the naming scheme of the other "Prophecy" monsters, which is "(Tarot) of Prophecy".
    • This card's artwork was not drawn in the same manner as the rest of the "Prophecy" monsters.
  • This card could be considered a counterpart of "High Priestess of Prophecy". Both cards can be Special Summoned if at least 3 "Spellbook" cards are in the right place ("High Priestess" requires them to be revealed in the hand, and "Destroyer" requires them to be banished from the Graveyard). Both cards also have 2500 ATK.
  • In a post on Pojo, Jerome McHale explained this monster's backstory: "It was once a normal wizard who gained immortality from the Spellbooks, but now has to keep consuming their magickal energies to stay alive. Thousands of years of subsisting off magick alone, long after your natural lifespan, not to mention whatever spell made him immortal in the first place, has a tendency to turn people into horrifying hate monsters. Every Prophecy monster uses the Spellbooks in a different way. The Destroyer's way is 'food'."

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