• According to the Master Guide , someone can put their hand inside the "Pot of Greed" and find something that will delight them, but the pot will explode once they take their hand out.
    • Because of this, the "Pot of Greed" can be used to potentially assassinate someone, as shown in the artwork of "The Gift of Greed".
    • Both of the above would explain why "Pot of Greed" is shown to be illegal in the artwork of "Mistaken Arrest".
      • Despite this card's malicious nature, it can also be used as an improvised vacuum cleaner, as shown in the artwork of "Counter Cleaner".
  • This card appears as a possible question in the Action Field "Quiz Quest". The question asks for the number of teeth in the card's artwork:
    • The answer is 20.
  • This card has the second shortest effect text of any card (after Jar of Greed).

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