• Although "alternate-art" versions of cards are common in Yu-Gi-Oh!, "Polymerization" is one of only two cards (the other is "Dark Magician" and the version used by Arkana) where an "alternate-art" version has a different eight-digit passcode as well. The "normal" art form may be seen here.
  • The card represented in the middle is the "normal" art of "Polymerization", with its artwork blurred and a yellow hexagram (in TCG it has a circle instead, due to the card in the OCG version having a symbol similar to a certain religious symbol), meaning that it's being activated.
    • Unlike most cards with Japanese text, the Polymerization card in "Polymerization's" artwork retains its Japanese text in the TCG despite having its artwork altered.
  • In chemistry science, polymerization is the process of fusing two or more molecular units into a larger chain of units called polymers. This is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh!, as you fuse two monsters to form a newer, stronger monster.
  • The Greek name of this card is "Polymerismos" (Πολυμερισμός). It means many parts (Πολλά Μέρη) hence this card's ability to combine all parts (Fusion Material Monsters) into one (the Fusion Monster)