• This card's Japanese name, Pirika, in Ainu language means "good" or "beautiful".
    • This explains about this card's eventual connection with the "Ritual Beast Tamers", the "Gusto" archetype's successor, since most of the "Ritual Beast" monster's name is based on Ainu language themselves.
    • This card has the opposing counterpart in terms of etymology, "Ritual Beast Tamer Wen".
    • This card's ATK and DEF stats are the reversed stats of "Wen".
  • This monster is the daughter of "Kamui, Hope of Gusto" and "Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto".
    • She's also one of two odd-Leveled non-Synchro Psychic-Type "Gusto" monsters (being Level 3), while "Reeze" is Level 5.
    • Her hair color is similar to that of "Reeze".
    • Her effect is seemingly designed intentionally to make Synchro Summoning "Daigusto Sphreez" easier, which supports this theory further.
  • This monster's staff is the same as the ones previously owned by "Kamui, Hope of Gusto", with wooden statue of "Gusto Falco" on top of it.
  • Currently, this card is the only non-Synchro Psychic-Type "Gusto" monster with no male counterpart.
    • She's also the only non-Synchro Psychic-Type "Gusto" monster whose familiar (the green penguin in this artwork) hasn't been released as a "Gusto" card. It was released as "Spiritual Beast Rampengu", a grown-up "Ritual Beast" version of it.
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "El Shaddoll Fusion", "Ritual Beast Ambush", "Zefra Path" and "Ritual Beast Return".
  • Pilica's hairband is a sea shell, representing her friendship with Gishki Emilia, who also has a sea shell in her artwork. According to Master Guide 4, "Her [Pilica's] hairband was given to her by her best friend from the Gishki. It can be seen as a symbol of the peace between the Gusto and Gishki, who had fiercely battled each other in the past."

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