• This card was drawn by a nine year-old girl named Mizuki Imai (いまみず Imai Mizuki) for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Start Commemoration! Monster Design Contest (遊☆戯☆王ARC-Vスタート記念!モンスターデザインコンテスト).
    • The effect she gave in her drawing is "You can pay 1000 LP; this card can attack all monsters your opponent controls with the same Attribute as this card once each." (ライフを1000はらうかわり、このモンスターと同じぞくせいのモンスター全いんにこうげきできる。)
  • This card's name has a double-meaning: トランプ Toranpu can be translated both as "trump" and "tramp", both which fit this monster's artwork.
  • This is the first "Performapal" monster that has a human-like appearance.
  • In the Korean dub anime, this card's name was "EM 트럼프 마녀" (Enteomeiteu Teuleompeu Manyeo) instead of "EM 트럼프 위치" (Enteomeiteu Teuleompeu Wichi) which still translated to Entermate Trump Witch.