• "Tritos" (τρίτος) in Greek means "third".
  • The runes around the rim of the outer circle are Enochian and spell out "OREICHALCOSTUATOSDAIAN". This appears to be attempting to spell out "Oreichalcos Tritos", with unknown text at the end.
    • The inner circle is "The Seal of Orichalcos", with its runes spelling out "Oreichalcos" twice.
    • The intermediate circle is "Orichalcos Deuteros", with its runes spelling out "OREICHALCSDEURUSNIZANM".
  • In the Japanese anime, the text on all "Orichalcos" cards are also written entirely in Enochian runes, except for "Orichalcos Sword of Sealing" (incidentally, the only "Orichalcos" card that Dartz did not use).
    • This card's name printed in Enochian is "Toritosu" (the romanization of "Tritos" expressed in Japanese phonetics).

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