• This card supporting the "Photon" and "Galaxy" archetypes relates to the relationship between the character and the archetypes' user, Kite Tenjo.
    • Also, the "Roger Counter" is based on how Orbital 7 replies to anything Kite orders him to by saying "Roger" in the Japanese version.
    • In the TCG, this is changed to the "You Got It Boss! Counter", referring to how Orbital replies with "you got it, boss" in the English dub.
  • In the background of this card's artwork, its battling form can be seen. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, Orbital 7 used this form to attack Shark after stealing the Emperor's Key, as well as Yuma Tsukumo when he infiltrated Kite's laboratory. This form could also reference this card's effect of changing its ATK to 2000 by removing all "You Got It Boss! Counters" from it.
    • The part of this card's effect that prevents it from attacking directly after increasing its ATK and being sent to the Graveyard later may reflect the fact that Orbital tends to be a clumsy fighter in the anime, often getting his weapons jammed when he tries.
      • In fact, in the Japanese version of the anime when he attacked Yuma, he called it a "direct attack". This "direct attack" completely failed despite Yuma not having moved an inch.
  • This card is supported by the "Super Defense Robot" archetype, referring to how the character uses a "Super Defense Robot" Deck in the anime.

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