• The three "Aesir" are named after three of the Norse gods.
    • This monster is based on the famous Norse god of wisdom, war and prophecy, Odin. Here he is portrayed in his traveler form.
      • In Norse mythology, Odin gave up his eye in order to see the future.
        • This is reflected in this card's artwork, as this monster has its left eye covered and has a scar on it.
        • Another card related to this myth is "Odin's Eye".
    • In Norse mythology, Odin is considered the "All-Father", hence the card name "Father of the Aesir".
  • This is the largest of the "Aesir", and one of the largest monsters seen in the anime, being possibly comparable in size to the Great Leviathan and dwarfing tall buildings when Summoned.
  • This monster currently has the longest known Summon chants of any monster.

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