• This card can be considered a counterpart to "Supreme King Z-ARC".
  • This card's effects and lores are the opposite of "Supreme King Z-ARC".
    • "Z-ARC" has a fixed ATK and DEF, this card's ATK and DEF keeps on shifting.
    • "Z-ARC" destroy cards for free, but this card shuffle them back to deck with hefty cost.
    • "Z-ARC" has a highly protective Effects, this card has no protection at all.
    • "Z-ARC" is a low Pendulum Scale , this card's a high Pendulum Scale.
    • "Z-ARC" is an Extra Deck Monster, this card is a Main Deck Monster.
    • "Z-ARC" punishes Extra Deck Monsters and adding cards to the hand, this card sacrifice itself to do all those.
    • "Z-ARC" is used by the final antagonist, this card is used by the protagonist.
  • This card is the first Pendulum Monster with ? DEF; also, it has the highest Level among Main Deck Pendulum monsters.

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