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  • The presence of the word "imaginary" between "Chaos" and "Number" in this card's name makes it not a member of the "Number C" archetype, giving it a few unique quirks:
    • It is the only "C" monster to be neither a "CXyz" nor a "Number C" monster.
    • It is the only monster that is a "Number" monster and a "C" monster, yet is not a "Number C" monster.
  • The lowercase "i" standing for "imaginary" in this "Number's" name may be a reference to the mathematical symbol for the imaginary unit, a number whose value is defined as the principal square root of -1. The set of imaginary numbers is disjoint from the set of real numbers.
    • In addition, the term "imaginary" may be interpreted as its usual meaning of "fictitious" or "existing only in the mind", referencing the word "Delusion" in this card's Japanese name and the fact that this monster's stats and effects are so overpowering as to literally seem "delusional" or "dreamed-up".
    • On a side note, this is also the only instance in a card name where a full word has been abbreviated to a single lowercase letter.
  • This is the first Rank 13 "Number" monster.
    • It is the second Rank 13 monster overall, with the first being "New Order 13: Etheric Amon", the strongest monster of the Astral World. This card can be considered the strongest monster of the Barian World and the shape of its lower body resembles a dark version of "Amon".
  • This is the first monster to have a six-digit value for its Original ATK and DEF, as well as the highest finite original ATK and DEF of any monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • This is the most powerful Fiend-Type monster, as well as the most powerful Xyz Monster, in terms of ATK and DEF.
  • This card can be compared to "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes":
    • Both are the stronger of two ace monsters for a certain archetype ("Numeron" and "Venom"), while not actually belonging to that archetype due to a slight alteration in the (Japanese) card name.
    • Both require the weaker ace monster to be destroyed in order to be Summoned, and both have an automatic victory condition.