For trivia pertaining to this monster's Number, see Forum:"Numbers" Xyz Monster Trivia. Any contributions regarding this type of trivia should be placed there, instead of this page.
  • This is the second Ranked-Up "Utopia" monster that does not need "Number 39: Utopia" as an Xyz Material to gain an effect, the first Ranked-Up "Utopia" monster was "Number C39: Utopia Ray V". (But only in the anime / manga version of the evolutions' effects of "Utopia".)
    • It is also the first Ranked-Up "Utopia" monster that was not Summoned by ranking-up "Number 39: Utopia".
  • This card can be seen as the manga counterpart of "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory".
    • Both cards have been Summoned by Yuma Tsukumo using their representative "Rank-Up-Magic" cards in the anime/manga.
    • Both have card effect that prevents the activation of card effect until the end of the battle.
  • This card is the first Rank-up Summoned monster that has less ATK than its original version, "Number S39: Utopia One".
  • This is the first "Number S" monster to be Summoned via Rank-Up in the manga version.

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