Card Trivia:Number S39: Utopia One

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  • This is the first "Number S" monster.
  • This is the first card that can lower LP to only 10 with its effect.
  • This card is one of the few monsters whose ATK is not divisible by 50.
    • This card is also currently the only Xyz Monster whose ATK is not divisible by 50.
  • This card can be seen as the manga version of "Number C39: Utopia Ray".
    • "Utopia Ray", as a Chaos Evolution, can be seen as a 'dark' evolution, while this card, as a Shining Evolution, can be seen as a 'light' evolution.
  • This card is the second monster in the franchise to have an ATK/DEF ending in 1, although only in the manga. The first was "Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca" (at 1 ATK and 1 DEF), although only in the anime.
  • This monster's head design slightly resembles Kaito's hairstyle, possibly alluding to how this monster was born through the bonds between Yuma, Astral and Kaito. Likewise, but not necessarily, the lower portion of its torso slightly resembles a shark's glare, which includes Shark into the bond of friends that gave birth to it.
  • This card is currently the only evolution of "Utopia" whose armor is asymmetric, as it only possesses one armored shoulder pad, with its number on it. All the others and "Utopia" itself have two shoulder pads that, barring the number, are otherwise identical.
    • It is also the first evolution of "Utopia" to not possess more than one sword. All the others have two or more.

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