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  • This card is the ultimate form of "Number 39: Utopia", in the same way that "Shooting Quasar Dragon" is the ultimate form of "Stardust Dragon". "Utopic Dragon and "Quasar Dragon" share a number of similarities with each other:
    • Both are LIGHT Dragon-Type monsters that are Special Summoned from the Extra Deck.
    • Both require 3 of their respective materials (Xyz Material and Synchro Material) to be Summoned (despite this, it is possible to Synchro Summon "Quasar Dragon" with more than 3 Synchro materials, and, also, "Utopic Dragon" doesn't need to be Xyz Summoned in the regular method).
    • Both have 4000 original ATK.
    • This card is considered the pinnacle of "Number" monsters in the same way that "Shooting Quasar Dragon" is the pinnacle of the "Signer Dragons".
      • As such, each monster possesses an effect that can Special Summon another monster from their respective archetype (albeit "Quasar Dragon" can only Special Summon "Shooting Star Dragon" - a monster that is not directly a part of the "Signer Dragons" but is closely related to them - from the Extra Deck, while "Utopic Dragon" can Special Summon any "Number" monster from the Graveyard).
    • In the TCG/OCG, both monsters have the ability to negate the activation of effects and destroy them (albeit "Utopic Dragon" can only negate monster effects that target itself while "Quasar Dragon" can negate any card effect, except for Counter Traps).
  • This card is the last "Number" to be Xyz Summoned in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.
  • This card's OCG/TCG Summoning condition references to how Astral Summoned this card in the anime, using an anime-only "Rank-Up-Magic" card on a "Utopia" monster.

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