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  • This is one of the few Xyz Monsters that doesn't use its Xyz Materials directly. However, because it mimics the effects of Xyz Monsters, it may use the Xyz Materials with the copied effects.
  • This was the first single-digit "Number" revealed whose number does not equal its Rank.
  • This is so far the only card that causes a monster to be treated as having no name, although only in the anime.
  • This card's name, number and appearance has many references to DNA:
    • A genome is the DNA or RNA information encoded in every organism, referencing this card's ability to "inherit" another monster's name.
    • This card's number may be a reference to the shape of DNA. The number 8 looks similar to the double-helix shape DNA often takes.
    • Also its "hair" on its card artwork somewhat resembles a chromosome, which is the organized structure of the DNA.
  • The number 8 appears above this card's left eye.
    • This card's number is covering its left eye just like how there is a red gem covering Vetrix's left eye while Vetrix is wearing his mask.
  • When this monster detaches an Xyz Material to activate its effect, it absorbs it through its mask.
    • Then, it wraps its hair around the selected monster and absorbs the appearance and the color of the monster. The card absorbs red material and then glows red as it changes its appearance to resemble a masked version of the targeted monster.
  • The European print of this card has its effect printed in a smaller font than the American print.

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