For trivia pertaining to this monster's Number, see Forum:"Numbers" Xyz Monster Trivia. Any contributions regarding this type of trivia should be placed there, instead of this page.
  • The shape of this monster, a six-sided cube, represents a six-sided die.
  • This card looks similar to "Dark Effigy." Both are black and cubical in shape and have multiple sections.
  • This monster could be a reference to the Lament Configuration Box from the Hellraiser franchise.
  • This card is the third Fiend-Type monster to have its effect's outcome be the result of a die roll (excluding the protective effects of the Chess "Archfiends"). The other two are "Dark Master - Zorc" and "Snipe Hunter".
    • This card's effect is similar to "Snipe Hunter" in that rolling a 1 or a 6 for both of these monsters is unfavorable.
    • "Dark Master - Zorc's" effect is also negative if you roll a 6.
  • This card shares a few of its effects with "Dangerous Machine Type-6".
    • Rolling a 6 for both of these cards result in their own destruction as well.

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