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  • This card and "Number 54: Lion Heart" are the only "Mythyrian Numbers" to have never manifested as a Monster Spirit in the anime.
    • This is possibly due to Vector suffering the most corruption in his past life due to Don Thousand's influence.
  • The "さいだん saidan" in this card's Japanese name can mean both "cutting" and "judgement", referring to the blades this monster uses as weapons, and the fact that it is a judge.
  • This card appears to be the embodiment of a ruthless ruler (Vector in his previous life) who had a habit of executing any who opposed him, and then committed suicide out of remorse of all he had done.
    • It also reflects Vector's personality beneath Don Thousand's corruption. Judge generally reflects justice and righteousness. This reflect the past Vector who didn't want to engage in meaningless war, but instead want peace for every kingdoms.
  • This card is the first "Mythyrian Number" to have a "Number C" form.
  • This card's sealed form appears similar to a pair of scissors, referencing this card's name, "Saidan", which can mean "cutter", as mentioned above.