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  • This card name "Baguska" is the portmanteau of バク (Baku "Tapir") and グースカ (Gūsuka an onomatopoeia for sleeping sound).
  • The kanji 泥睡 (lit. mud-sleep) in this card's name is a pun of 泥酔 which means "dead drunk", like how this monster is completely unconscious from drinking too much.
    • This is show in the artwork by having beer bottles and cans littered near the monster in its Japanese OCG artwork.
    • Also, its maintenance cost, when involving its OCG artwork, may serve as a reference to alcohol poisoning, as this card can only survive for two of the turns before it is destroyed.
      • In the TCG, this card's maintenance cost can serve as a reference to sleep apnea (suffocating in your sleep), due to the alcohol in the artwork being replaced with three pillows.
  • This monster is very similar to Drowzee, character from Pokémon franchise.