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  • Oddly, the 3 on this card is shaped differently compared to the 3s on all the other "Number" cards.
    • The Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime also shows this differently shown 3 on Mr. Kay and during this card’s Summoning.
  • The number 34 can be seen on this card's right shoulder plate.
  • This card is the first card of the "Number" archetype, and the first card of the ZEXAL series, that possessed two different artworks (one version in the Generation Force expansion, and another version with a different artwork in the V-Jump).
    • This is also the first Xyz Monster to be reprinted as a promotional card and have an alternate artwork.
  • "Numbers" take the form something their original owner desires; for Mr. Kay, it is to hack the city and create a giant Virtual "Crashbug". The result is a Machine-Type monster who can take control of your opponent's monsters (reference to hacking) and works well with the "Crashbug" series. Also, Mr. Kay didn't wish to do any real harm, which was represented by this monster not having any ATK points and returning the monsters it steals.
    • This can also be seen due to the fact that the monster's name seems to be a play on the Terabyte, a unit of computer storage.
  • This is the first Machine-Type Xyz Monster.
  • This monster slightly resembles an insect. This may reference how computer errors are usually referred to as "bugs" and this card's connection to the "Crashbug" series.

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