• This monster may be based on the Mothman, a cryptid said to herald disasters.
    • This monster might also be based on the Hyalophora cecropia, or the Attacus atlas sharing many of the same features such as their feathery antanae, and striped abdomens. Both moths are also known for their large size, which might have served as inspiration for the name "Titanic Moth"
  • This "Number" was molded by Haruto Tenjo against Kaito Tenjo in the manga. Haruto and Kaito's past is often represented by butterflies, associated with the fact that they used to hunt butterflies together.
    • This "Number" being a moth that breathes fire may represent the fact that moths often approach fire and end up burned. In that Duel, Kyoji Yagumo said that this card showed how Haruto had "burnt" the memories of he and his brother.
    • Like other Numbers associated with Kyoji, this card's number is divisible by seven.

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