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  • In photography, the focus of a camera (referring to this card's name) determines how clear the resulting picture will be. This relates to Number 25's holder, Cameron Clix, as he is a photographer.
    • Just like how a camera needs its target to stay still to have a clear image, this card can negate any "disturbance" a monster creates.
  • This monster appears to model itself out of an older-style movie camera with a tripod.
    • Various camera lens of different sizes and shapes also appear all over its surface.
  • The number 25 can be seen under this monster's main lens.
  • This monster has the second highest ATK of all Rank 6 monsters.
  • In the anime, when an Xyz Material is detached from this card, it is absorbs through this monster's lens.
  • The three gatling guns on the underside of this monster may be a pun on "photo shoot".
    • Unlike other armed Monsters in the anime, this card does not use its weapons to attack.

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