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  • Although it is difficult to see, the number 15 can be seen on this monster's headband.
  • This is the first "Number" monster to have a larger version of its number in its background artwork.
  • This card's sealed form resembles a pulsating heart made out of limbs coiled together, and attached to a puppet controller. When the sealed form unfolds itself, the outside opens up to reveal the moving gears which connect together and start while the puppet controller uses the strings on the puppet to lift the body parts up to generate the puppet's movements. The parts of this monster then connect together and seal up before this monster's full form reveals itself.
    • In its sealed form, this monster represents the only thing it lacks while in its unsealed form: a heart. In fact, its chest is hollow, and it fills it with the monsters destroyed by its effect, as if it were trying to fill that void.
  • When this monster detaches an Xyz Material, it absorbs it through its headband.
    • When this card uses its effect, it lifts up its arms and then shoots numerous puppet strings from its two palms at an opponent's monster. The monster is then dragged forward to this monster's chest, which opens up and places them into a grinder, before a cannon-like object protrudes from its chest to fire a red-colored energy blast at the opponent.
  • When this monster attacks, it uses a whip that it keeps in a compartment inside its wrist on its right arm.
  • In this card's anime artwork, there is a clear view of the crane and pulleys that move "Giant Grinder", as well as a purple curtain on its right, which could be a reference to when the curtain parts before a puppet show begins.
  • In the anime, there is a puppet operating this monster. It can be vaguely seen at the top of this monster's frame, in this card's OCG/TCG artwork.

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