For trivia pertaining to this monster's Number, see Forum:"Numbers" Xyz Monster Trivia. Any contributions regarding this type of trivia should be placed there, instead of this page.
  • This card is the first "Number" monster that is part of another archetype ("Ninja") and sub-archetype ("Armor Ninja").
    • This card was also the first "Number" monster that supports an archetype (in the TCG/OCG only).
  • This card's sealed form is a red, 4-pointed shuriken. When Summoned, 2 points protrude to form the shoulder pads of this monster's armor, while the other points stretch down to form the legs.
  • This monster seems to be a reference to the Akakage, The Masked Ninja tokusatsu series. "Akakage" (赤影) literally means "Red Shadow", to which this card's name might refer.
  • Although difficult to see in this card's artwork, the number 12 is visible on the left side of this monster's chest.
  • In the anime, when this card detaches an Xyz Material, the detached Xyz Material bursts in its orbit, and this monster reappears in the center of where it was orbiting.

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