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  • This card's name is the same as the TCG name of "Big Eye".
  • This card seems to be based on Fortuno's foreshadowing ability; this card's name is Big Eye, which relates to this ability. Also, just like its effect by taking his opponent's monsters away, Fortuno has the ability to use hypnosis on someone and take control of their will.
  • In the anime, when this monster detaches an Xyz Material, it absorbs it through its eye. A purple aura then shrouds the targeted monster, and the target switches control.
  • This card's initial form is an eye followed by a chain of nerves like biological tissues that are forming the monster together since it is a "Big Eye". After the monster is formed together, it opens its eye and its unsealed appearance is then fully revealed.
    • However, the entire process was shown in a close-up look, making it impossible to screenshot the entire sealed form in just a single picture, making "Big Eye" the first "Number" summoned on-screen with unclear appearance of its sealed form.
    • The sealed form of this card is not shown in the dub.
  • The number 11 can be seen on the front of the outer ring around this card.
  • This card is the first "Number" to be Limited (though only in the OCG).

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