• This monster is likely based on Sir Agravain, Sir Gaheris, and Sir Gareth, the brothers of Sir Gawain and half-brothers of Sir Mordred. This can be supported by the fact that the brothers are seen next to both in the artwork of Noble Knights of the Round Table, the fact that they greatly resemble both Noble Knight Gawayn and Noble Knight Medraut and the fact that they all wear sashes which is also seen in the art of "Gawayn" and "Medraut" further linking the connection with the brothers. They also wear a similar armor as "Gawayn." Something to note is that Medraut's sash is red, while the others have green sashes this is likely a reference to how Medraut is their half-brother not full. This may also be why Medraut has a different armor than the others, being silver rather than gold and having a different design.
  • These knights wear green sashes, in order to match that of "Noble Knight Gawayn", after the adventure of "Gawayn" with the Green Knight.
  • In other TCG languages, the names can be translated as follows:
    • French: "Brothers Noble Knight"
    • German: "Noble Knight Troop"
    • Italian: "Brothers Noble Knights"
    • Spanish: "Brothers of the Noble Knight"
As seen above with the exception of the Italian name, no plural form of the phrase "Noble Knight" is used, to not exclude this card from the "Noble Knight" archetype. Also see Noble Knight#Naming in the TCG.

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