• This card appears to be an upgraded form of "Enlightenment Paladin" in terms of name, stats, appearance, and effect.
    • Also, to somehow symbolize even further this fact, the first time Yuya used "Enlightment Paladin" was during Episode 79 of the anime while "Nirvana High Paladin's" debut was in Episode 97.
  • This card and "Shooting Star Dragon" have several similarities:
    • Both have the same ATK, DEF, and Level.
    • They are both Synchro Monsters that require its non-Tuner Synchro Material monsters to be a Synchro Monster themselves.
    • They are both evolutions of 2 monsters with the same ATK, DEF and Level ("Enlightenment Paladin" and "Stardust Dragon").
    • They are both used by a protagonist (Yuya Sakaki and Yusei Fudo) to fight against an upgraded version of Jack Atlas' signature monsters.
    • Their monster effect are an upgraded version of their base form.

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