Card Trivia:New Orders 13 Etheric Amen

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  • This card's name refers to the Egyptian god Amun.
  • This is the only "New Orders" monster to have an odd number for its Rank and name.
  • In the anime, this monster holds the record for most Xyz Materials attached to a single monster: 33.
  • This monster is the strongest Fairy-Type monster in terms of ATK.
  • This monster resembles a "Timelord" and, fittingly, is Fairy-Type, and shares their protection from destruction.
  • In the anime, the column that makes up this monster's lower body is where its Xyz Materials revolve around, unlike many other Xyz Monsters, whose Materials revolve around their whole body in an orbital-like fashion. When new Xyz Materials are attached to it, the column expands, and its upper body is elevated.
  • This monster's silhouette appears in the artwork of "Rank Wall".

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