• Unlike most "Photon" monsters, this monster's body glows red.
    • The reason may be because in physics, the color red's wave length is higher than blue's, referencing to the fact that this card has the highest ATK out of all "Photon" monsters.
  • This card is a "Photon" and Xyz counterpart of "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
    • Both cards have the same ATK, Type and Attribute.
      • This card also needs three Level 8 monsters for its Summon in much the same way as "Blue-Eyes Ultimate".
  • This monster has three heads, visible on the tips of its wings. These "heads" look very similar to the heads of "Twin Photon Lizard".
  • This card is the first non-"Number" Xyz Monster to be used by Kite Tenjo.
  • The tail piece of this monster is more spear-shaped, unlike the one it had while it was a "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", which was more trident-like.
  • In the anime, this card's Xyz Summon portal is unique to itself in that it resembles a black hole, instead of a red spiral or a galaxy (ironic, as its name contains "galaxy").
  • According to Astral, this monster's original form has light dwelling within it similar to his own world. The light emitting from the body of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" is similar to the light of the Barian World.
    • This could be because it was made from the bond between Kite and Hart, and Hart possesses powers from the Barian World.
  • The "sword" used to summon this monster resembles the Barian Emblem.
  • Mizar refers to this card as a "Number Killer", probably due to the fact that this card in the anime can negate the effects of "Numbers", including their Cannot be destroyed by battle except with a "Number" monster effect (this wasn't mentioned in the international dub).

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