• Mama Quilla is the Inca goddess of the moon and wife of Inti, god of the sun.
  • "Quilla" is also the Quechua word for "moon".
  • This monster is the opposite of "Sun Dragon Inti":
    • "Inti" is a Synchro Monster; this card, although it's also a Synchro Monster in the OCG/TCG, is a Dark Synchro Monster in the anime.
    • "Inti" is LIGHT; this card is DARK.
    • Both cards are drawn in opposite poses and have opposite color schemes.
    • This card's effect increases LP, while the effect of "Inti" inflicts damage.
  • Unlike other monsters which were originally Dark Synchro Monsters in the anime, this card does not list any DARK Tuner as its Tuner monster, but rather a specific monster: "Supay" (who is EARTH). In addition, it is the only ex-Dark Synchro Monster to have no Type restriction on the other non-Tuner Synchro Material Monsters.
  • This card was the first Dark Synchro Monster to make it into a regular Booster Pack as a Synchro Monster.
  • The Special Summon effects of this card and "Sun Dragon Inti" resemble the actual cycle of the sun and the moon.

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