• According to wikipedia, Behemoth (in Hebrew transcribed as בהמות, Bəhēmôth, Behemoth, B'hemot; in Arabic بهيموث, Bahīmūth, or بهموت, Bahamūt, [1] is the name of a creature described in the Bible in the book of Job, 40:15 -24 His description is traditionally associated with that of a giant monster, and can be portrayed as a monstrous lion, although some creationists identify him as a sauropod or a giant bull of three horns.In another analysis we see this as a pre- (Which is also known as Brahiossaurus), and the story in the book of Job, chapter 40, points to this great herbivore, which has a battered body and is typical of the deserts (though Behemoth was also as the Hebrews called the hippopotamus).

Behold now the behemoth which I have made with thee, which eateth the grass like the ox. Behold, his strength is in his loins, and his power is in the muscles of his belly. When he wants, he moves his tail like cedar; The nerves of her thighs are interwoven. His bones are like bronze pipes; His bones are like iron bars. He is the masterpiece of the ways of God; He who did it provided him with his sword.

Truly the mountains give him pasture, where all the beasts of the field do. He lies under the dark trees, in the hideout of the reeds and the mud. The shadowy trees cover him with their shadow; The willows of the brook surround him.

Behold, a river is overflowing, and he is not hasting, yet relying that the Jordan shall rise up to his mouth. Could they hunt him in the sight of his eyes, or snare his nose?

The name is the plural of Hebrew בהמה, bəhēmāh, "animal", with emphatic meaning ("great animal", "animal par excellence"). In orthodox Jewish tradition, the Behemoth is the earthly monster par excellence, as opposed to Leviathan, the sea monster, and Ziz, the monster of the air.

According to Orthodox Jewish tradition, the Behemoth's mission is to wait for the day when God will ask him to kill Leviathan, a sea creature regarded by some as a whale-like creature. The two creatures will die in combat, but the Behemoth will be glorified for fulfilling its mission. Then the flesh of the two monsters will be served at a banquet to humans who survive.

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