• This cards name comes from a term in the Irish language "Claíomh Solais" (meaning sword of light) a magical sword that appears in a number of Irish folk-tales.
    • Contrary to this, the artwork of this card does not feature a sword of any kind.
  • This card is the "Mist Valley" version of "Ally of Justice Clausolas", representing their archetypes' alliance.
    • This card's DEF is the same as the ATK of "Ally of Justice Clausolas".
    • The artworks of both cards show each monster in the exact same position.
    • It is very possible that this card is, in fact, "Ally of Justice Clausolas" before being turned into a Machine. This is especially evident by the flavor text of "Ally of Justice Clausolas", which mentions that it is "the ultimate weapon designed from Claiomh Solais".
  • This monster has a "Nekroz" counterpart: "Nekroz of Clausolas". However, while "Nekroz of Clausolas" shares its Level and DEF with this card, its ATK and DEF are the inverse of those of "Ally of Justice Clausolas".
  • This card has the highest DEF of all Level 3 monsters.

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