• It's suggested that the warriors equipped with the negative status armaments were abandoned by the rest of their group, as in Nomadic Force, there were silhouettes of more warriors.
  • "Giga Gagagigo's" armor, "Draining Shield", "Axe of Fools", "Cursed Bill" and "Cursed Armaments" appear in this card's artwork.
    • This card represents what happened to "Nomadic Force".
      • The soldier in the bottom-left corner is being restrained by "Cursed Bill".
      • The soldier in the bottom-right corner has lost strength because of "Cursed Armaments".
      • The soldier in the top-left corner is acting foolish because of "Axe of Fools".
      • The soldier in the middle has had his strength sapped by "Draining Shield".
      • The soldier in the top-right corner of "Nomadic Force" that was affected by "Pestilence" does not appear in this card's artwork, suggesting that he has succumbed to the disease.

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