• This card has an upgraded Link Monster version: "Missus Radiant".
    • That monster's decidedly feminine and dignified appearance (in addition to its name) is a possible reference towards the fact that the Japanese name of "Milus Radiant" is an anagram of "Lady Millicent" in Japanese.
      • Visual example, with changes outlined in brackets, as well as the fact that セ (se) and ス (su) sound similar to each other:
        • "[レディ]{ミリセ}ント" (Lady Millicent)
        • "{ミリス}[レディ]エント" (Milus Radiant)
  • "Bladefly" has the exact same effect as this card, except with the Attributes of the affected monsters being switched in its effect.
  • "金毛終結犬", the official Chinese name of this card, translates into "Golden Retriever Terminal Dog", with the word "terminal" being defined as "final" or "end".

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