• This is the strongest variant of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" possible, and had the longest duration as an OCG-only card.
  • The B. in this monster's name stands for Black, referring to "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" being one of its Fusion Materials, rather than its color.
  • This monster has an upgraded counterpart: "Meteor Black Comet Dragon".
    • This is supported by the fact that this card's name is referenced in that monster's name, as well as the two monster sharing the same Level, Type, ATK and DEF
    • This is also supported by the fact that "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" can also use "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" and "Meteor Dragon" as its Fusion Materials.
  • This card is the "Red-Eyes" equivalent to "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", in that both of these cards represent the ultimate form of their original monsters, in terms of raw ATK power.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, this is the monster with the highest ATK that the player can summon by Fusion.
    • It is also the strongest monster that can be summoned by a Normal Summon, beating the second strongest ("Blue-Eyes White Dragon") by 500 Attack points.

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