• This monster is composed of many monsters from the "Dracoslayer" storyline: the main body is that of "Crystron Quariongandrax", which appears to be enhanced by the armor of "Metalfoes Mithrilium", and it is wielding the weapons of many of the "Zoodiac" monsters:
    • The rapier of "Ratpier" is attached to the right hip.
    • The cannon of "Tigermortar" is mounted on the left shoulder.
    • The halberd of "Drident" is held in the left hand.
    • The whip of "Whiptail" is hanging off of the right leg.
    • The sword of "Thoroughblade" is held in the right hand.
    • The bow of "Boarbow" is attached to the back.
    • The axe of "Broadbull" is attached behind the wings.
    • The chakram of "Chakanine" is mounted on the right wrist.

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